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1913 Massacre in Marquette on 10/26/13

“Unfinished Business”

Mike Ragogna interviews Nora Guthrie today on Huffington Post about her father and his music. MR: Were there certain topics brought up in his material, such as the plight of…

A Theme from Labor Day 1913

One hundred years ago today, in 1913, a crowd of almost 3000 people gathered in the sweltering heat at the municipal park in Hancock, Michigan for a Labor Day rally….

Women on the Verge of a Social Breakdown

By late August of 1913, authorities in Calumet were facing a problem that was “becoming more perplexing each day.” Women were mixing it up with strikebreakers, scabs, deputies and national…

First TV Broadcast of 1913 Massacre – Labor Day, 2013

We’re very happy to announce that 1913 Massacre will air on Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) over the 2013 Labor Day holiday.  This is the first television broadcast of the film. Showtimes: On tpt Channel 2.1: Monday,…