300 hours later…

Now that we’ve completed principal photography and started editing the 300 odd hours of material we’ve gathered, it’s all about fundraising and fundraising and more fundraising. We shot the film on a shoestring budget; but now it’s time to tell the story, and we’re doing everything we can to raise the money we need to edit and complete a great film.

So we were overjoyed when we got word last week that the Woody Guthrie Foundation has awarded 1913 Massacre a grant in support of our post-production work. The Foundation has been an enthusiastic supporter of our project from day one, in every imaginable way. We’re grateful to the board for seeing and understanding the promise of our film.

And we also owe a debt of gratitude to the labor organizations who continue to support our work because they want the story of 1913 and the story of UP labor told.

If you or your organization would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to our film, now you can simply click on the DONATE button below and you’ll be taken to the contribution page for our fiscal sponsor, the Center for Independent Documentary.

Make sure you specify that your donation is earmarked for the 1913 Massacre Film Project. You can do so by toggling the “Purpose of Your Donation” button and scrolling through the choices to 1913 Massacre . Thanks for your support!

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