Ars Longa and all that…

We’ve heard through the grapevine that some people in Calumet are surprised to learn that we’re still working on the film. What can we say? Ars longa vita brevis and all that. After a few false starts and detours — to be expected in a project like ours, with 300 hours of original material to edit, no script, no dull voiceover, and two directors — we are now well into our edit of a rough cut of the film. We’ve got between 50-60 minutes of the 80 minute film roughed in. And we’re still piecing together the money to keep our edit going. We’ve just applied for a post-production grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (a NYSCA grant helped us complete production) and we continue to seek out new sources of funding. It’s a long road. But now we can see the film starting to emerge and we know it will be worth all the hard work and time we’ve put into it. Stay tuned, keep in touch, and please support us!

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