Back from Calumet, Woody Guthrie Artist Grant

We traveled again this month to Calumet, where we shot the Arlo Guthrie concerts on September 23rd and 24th at the historic Calumet Theatre. Before Friday’s show, we also took a walk to the site of Italian Hall, where we talked on camera with Arlo about Calumet, about music, and about ghosts, among other things. We interviewed some other great folks too, and visited with some friends of the film.

On our return to New York City, we received word from the The Woody Guthrie Foundation that we have been awarded the 2004 Woody Guthrie Artist Grant for our work on 1913 Massacre. The grant will help us continue to shoot the musical story of our film and continue our fundraising activities; and the recognition of our work by the Foundation inspires us to keep on keeping on.

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