Palikari: A Film About the Ludlow Massacre


Pete Katsulis, who assumed leadership at Ludlow after the death of Ludlow Colony leader Louis Tikas.

When Bob Dylan performed “1913 Massacre” at Carnegie Hall in 1961, he introduced the song as one of “a group of two” that he had learned from Woody Guthrie. The other song was “Ludlow Massacre.”

In treating the Calumet and Ludlow stories together, Woody was following the lead of Mother Bloor, who groups both stories in her book We Are Many under the single heading “Massacre of the Innocents.” (More on all that here.)

Now there is an independent documentary about the Ludlow Massacre. Palikari – Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre, directed by Nikos Ventouras and produced by Lamprini Thoma.

We haven’t yet seen the film,  but it sounds as if the filmmakers take an approach in Palikari akin to the one we took in 1913 Massacre, exploring the story of  the strike and the brutal murder of Ludlow Tent Colony Louis Tikas through oral histories and family traditions.

You can read an interview with producer Lamprini Thoma about Palikari here.


5 thoughts on “Palikari: A Film About the Ludlow Massacre

  1. frank manning

    This part of America’s history is extremely important, but it’s mostly ignored by the school textbooks.

    My grandfather was one of the miners who went on strike in 1913, and my father was named after Louis Tikas. After Louis was murdered, his successor was an immigrant miner named Pete Katsulis. My grandparents’ second son was named Pete after him.

    Here’s what I’m writing to say: the photo on the web page is not Louis Tikas. It’s Pete Katsulis. I’ll be glad to send you a portrait of Louis. Just let me know.

  2. frank manning

    In my earlier comment I forgot to say that Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre is a GREAT documentary. I have seen it, and I encourage all to watch it.

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