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Looking for a screening of 1913 Massacre at a theater near you? Keep track of the film’s festival tour in this year of Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday and next year — the 100th anniversary of the Italian Hall disaster. We’ll be sure to list all screenings here and on our Facebook page.

Next week, after the October 3rd screening at Rivertown Film Society in Nyack, NY (where we’ll be doing a Q & A after the film with Nora Guthrie), we’re on our way to Calumet.

1913 Massacre will show at the Calumet Theatre, free of charge, on Friday October 5th at 7PM. On Saturday October 6th, there will be screenings at 2PM and 7PM. We’ll take questions and look forward to some lively discussion after all the screenings.

The late George Stoney once said something to the effect that you should always be able to bring a film back to the people and community it represents. We’re excited to be doing that in Calumet.

4 thoughts on “Like us on Facebook, See You in Calumet

  1. Judy Byykkonen

    I saw the film this evening at the Calumet Theater. It was very interesting,moving and well done. It certainly sparked an interest in this area’s history in me.Well worth seeing!

  2. Betty Rae Taivalkoski

    I’m not a native of the Copper Country. I’m originally from New Jersey,(so the Boss singing in the movie was a nice surprise for me,) but after living here for almost 17 years, the history & emotion of the Italian Hall disaster has become a part of my life. You both did a fabulous job conveying how large a part of the community and individual consciousness the Italian Hall disaster has become. Excellent movie.

  3. Julie Kent

    Just came back from seeing your documentary. What an experience! This film needs to go nationwide. Can’t wait to get several copies of this when its out in DVD form. Please consider doing a sequel,, perhaps showcasing Big Annie and the women who held their families together when the mining companies forgot about them when their husbands died in the copper mines. Thank you for making this film

  4. Elizabeth Yelland

    Nice to see the passion for history,real stories and focus in heart and grit. I’m looking forward to seeing this made into accessible video. Wish I had made the first viewing. It was great meeting the video crew. Good luck with future projects and keep me on your email list for notifications.

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