Q & A at Rivertown Film Society

Here is the Q & A we did with Nora Guthrie at Rivertown Film Society in Nyack, NY on October 3rd, 2012. The discussion was moderated by Daniel Wolff. Many thanks to Matthew Seig and everybody at Rivertown Film for hosting the event.

Directors Louis Galdieri & Ken Ross with special guest Nora Guthrie discuss “1913 MASSACRE” Moderated by writer Daniel Wolff from Rivertown Film on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Q & A at Rivertown Film Society

  1. Janet Hekkinen Olson

    Very interesting interview. I was curious to hear the reaction of people in other areas of the country to the film. The women who talked about her morbid curiosity in wanting to know who it was that shouted fire is a desire that I can identify with. (my children can tell you that I always want the WHOLE story) My father was a survivor and three of his brothers perished that day. However I do realize that knowing the answer won’t change anything. I know how the “event” changed my family.
    Also the question about the pictures was of interest as I thought they were so clear in comparison to the published photos I have seen in books etc.
    Thank you Nora, Louis and Ken for expressing your thoughts.

  2. Janet Hekkinen Olson

    One more comment. I saw the film in Calument (twice) and think it was fantastic! They did a terrific job in presenting the story. I had a very emotional reaction as did members of my family and some members of the audience.

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